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About Luxury Lique


Angelique Marcella Arcuri also know as "Luxury Lique" born in New Orleans La, in the hot summer of June on the 24th day where her and her Mother Sherrie Share the same birthday. Anglique grew up in Uptown New Orleans In CJP housing development. Her mother worked 2 jobs and went to nursing school to provide a better life for her and her oldest siblings. Angelique was a very shy little girl growing up. Her dad who is now past, owned several businesses such as a Furniture Store and Bar in uptown New Orleans. She loved playing in her dads store and enjoying the pickled eggs and lays chips right next door to her fathers furniture store. As a little girl she always enjoyed being the leader of the group. Enjoying being a majorette in middles and high school where she graduated from Alcee Fortier High, And went on to finish college for business at Suno and Master barbering at Delgado Community College. Angelique opened her first business "RagDoll Boutique" at the age of 19 while still in school and working overnight jobs at Sidney Torres Boutique hotels. As she grew in the fashion industry she went on to what she love most, Beauty! Angelique then opened a successful hair salon with the Up coming of Broadmoore Community Development. As she added additional services to her beauty bar. She discovered a high demand for Esthetics. She added EyeLash Extension as well as facials and brow service. As Esthetics took over the hair business for her. She opened a location in mid city New Orleans where Luxury Studio was born. Her first year of service she alone was overwhelmed with work and clients and then trained to hire lash techs and Estheticians. Angelique collaborated with Toya Wright at Garb boutique with e kiosk inside of her magazine location. From there her Realitor and Mentor "Rachel Van Voorhees" indicated that she go big or go home. That's when Angelique and her Realitor discovered a Fabulous location in the heart of New Orleans on St Charles Ave. 

Angelique has been a young  entrepreneur exploring the economy in Her city of New Orleans La, at the very age of 5. She is now Today 30 and has became a mentor for many entrepreneurs men and women around the world. She also host a local television show and also teaches her very own EyeLash Extension classes. She hopes to inspire everyone to become better then the person In the mirror. And teaches her kids the same. "A Face Of Luxury Is A Face Of Gold"